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Social Media Marketing – How to Stop Wasting Time and Money (So You Can Reach the Right Customers)

Have you been wondering if your social media marketing strategy is really working?
Or, have you been running around in circles chasing after the infamous Social Media ROI?
If you’re starting to feel like this guy when you’re working on developing your social media marketing strategy – keep reading.

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In the digital marketing world of likes, follows, engagements, posts, and tweets it’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle and lose sight of what your social media marketing goals were in the first place.
I’m going to help you clear that up so you can improve your marketing strategy by using the data that you already have.
Social media marketing provides you with invaluable information about your customers and their preferences that your business can use to develop a more targeted strategy.
The information that your business can learn from measuring and analyzing relevant social media data and behaviors is something that you would have had to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to access prior to the new age of digital marketing.
Marketing on most networks is even actually free!
At least to start. As your business begins to scale, you will also need to scale your marketing strategy. However, starting out with free marketing and free analytics is actually pretty awesome!
It doesn’t get much better than that folks.
Now before we move on, I’m going to let you in one of social media marketing’s little-known secrets.
(This is social media marketing Gold that I’m sharing here.)

Marketers, pay attention, this one is for you especially:
Social Media Marketing is about more than just accumulating a collection of likes and follows from your customers.

If you’re only using social media marketing to accumulate likes and follows and not reviewing your metrics and analytics, then you’re wasting your time – and money.
Reviewing your social media marketing metrics gives you an indirect view into how your customers really feel about your business, products, services, and your brand as a whole.
Taking the time to review your social media analytics in depth can give you a gigantic picture and help you to hone your marketing efforts.
Proper use of social media metrics can help your brand to develop a strategy that will produce results and stop wasting time and money on marketing strategies that just aren’t working.

What Can You Learn from Tracking Your Social Media Analytics?
At first glance, these small tidbits of data may not seem to mean much, especially individually – but when combined, these analytics can provide you with a total view of the 5 W’s.
Who your customers are
What they’re interests are
Where they are located
When they are online
Why they are interested in your business (or not)

If you’re tracking your social media metrics and analytics correctly, this is what you should end up with:
A global overview of your social media metrics and analytics provides you with a wealth of marketing data that goes beyond the typical definition of social media marketing ROI.
Audience Demographics: occupation, gender, net worth, along with other preferences and interests.
Target market indicators – Are you reaching your target audience?
Location: tells you where your primary audience is interacting with you from whether it be local, national, or international standpoint.
 Brand performance indicator -Where is your brand is getting the most traction?
Income Brackets: provides your business an overview of the income categories that your customers fall into.
Buying power indicator – should you raise or lower your prices?

You’ll Never look at social media analytics the same way again.

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Are You Really Who Your Digital Profile Says You Are?

January 2, 2017

It’s finally happened. I’m doing my happy dance!

The Digital Revolution has begun. I’ve always been slightly ahead of my time, so I feel like I have been preparing for this thing, for a while. Smartphones, Social Media, Tablets, E-Readers, Smart Books, Laptops, they’re everywhere! An Introverts dream.

This is the new way that we all connect. We now integrate our daily lives with our online lives. They are essentially one and the same.

With the ushering in of all of these cool new technological advances, networks, and gadgets, there are quite a few changes that we all have to adjust to daily. The new Digital Revolution actually begs us to address the topic of Authenticity.

Are we”really” who we “say” we are?

Take a look at all of your online profile(s). These profiles make up your Digital Footprint or Portfolio. These are our “Virtual First Impressions” Essentially ,there may be some differences in content, but overall there shouldn’t really be a drastic difference in who our Digital Profile portrays us to be, versus who we actually “are” offline.

Gone are the days of “keyboard warriors” and hiding behind a mask. Search engine sites like Google have taken care of that. Anonymity in the Digital Age seems to be a near impossibility. Our lives are in full public view and on display in one way or another. A quick Google search can reveal most hidden truths.

The Digital Revolution has arrived and its’ causing us to take a look at our “actual” selves in a whole new light.

Now is the time to test out all of those theories that you learned from your parents, in college, on the job training, and all of those bullet points that you have highlighted, on your resume.

Are you really, who your Digital Profile says you are?

If the answer is no, it may be time for an Audit.

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