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Social Media Management Tools Review: Hootsuite vs. Sprout Social

I recently realized that manually managing all of my Social Media accounts was not going to work out well. Developing callouses on my typing fingers and panting like I was actually running in a marathon (while sitting perfectly still) lead me to the realization that I needed some help!

Once I had this realization, I decided that it was time to try out some Social Media Management tools to help me along. I recently tried both Hootsuite and Sprout Social. ( I’m sure there are more tools out there that I still have to learn about, but so  far these are the first two that I’ve tried.)

Hootsuite offers some pretty cool features for getting the job done. Some of the features that Hootsuite offers include “Streams” and “Tabs” that organize your information and posts for easier viewing and sorting.

The Hootsuite Interface also offers the ability to Schedule Posts across multiple platforms and offers support for the mainstream Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn , *the Big 3, for me anyway. The pricing is right for Startups, Small Businesses, and Freelancers for sure. Hootsuite offers plans as low as 9.99/month (when billed annually) for one user.

Overall, I liked Hootsuite, but then, I met Sprout Social.

After using Sprout Social for just a few days, I decided that Hootsuite and I had outgrown each other and that Sprout Social has gained my business.

The Sprout Social platform is easy on the eyes and has the same basic features as the Hootsuite platform, but the platform also includes gorgeous professionally formatted reports and many other features that I am still discovering!

The overall Sprout Social platform seemed to be easier to use for me and much faster, which is of hypercritical importance in our time crunched society. I think the beautifully streamlined reports are what did it for me. The reports generate with an overview of strengths and weaknesses for each Social Media Profile that I have registered so that I can review relevant data and insights for each network individually.

I can clearly see the impact that I am having, or not having.

With the Sprout Social Tools I have been able to:

  • Schedule Social Media Posts for Now Or Later
  • Communicate with Team Members (This is basically me, talking to myself right now, but the concept is really cool!)
  • Assign Tasks
  • Generate Personalized Reports

All of this was able to be accomplished without any specialized training on my part. The fact that I could get started on Sprout Social and off to work within just a few minutes, tells me a lot about the user friendliness of this platform. The only thing that I really had to take more than one look at was Creating Twitter Cards (which I am still working on by the way.)

I’ll let you know how the Twitter Cards turn out in another post. I

In the meantime..

For me, Hands Down, Sprout Social Wins!

They’ve created a great, easy to use, customizable, and expandable tool for Social Media Management at all levels. Thank you Sprout Social for making my life easier. Keep being Awesome!

Note: The opinions in this article are purely my own and not affiliated with those of either Hootsuite or Sprout Social in any way.
*The Big 3: My Term for the Three Social Media Networks with the largest number of users and daily activity.
Source: Social Media Examiner Marketing Industry Report, 2016.