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Writing Guidelines
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Grammar Chat – How do “you say this word”?
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Zoho Social Product Review + Free Trial Hack! (for Professional Writers + Marketers) 

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Zoho Social Product Review + Free Trial Hack! (for Professional Writers + Marketers)

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Introducing Zoho Social!

Zoho Social is a cloud-based social media scheduling platform that is definitely giving its competitors like Buffer and Hootsuite a run for their money. Zoho Social has been steadily making enhancements to their office suite software and they didn’t stop short with their social media scheduler.

The Zoho social media cloud-based scheduling software is designed for individuals and businesses of all sizes and is highly scalable to suit any business needs. The platform provides an at-a-glance format for managing popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business.

The built-in content calendar makes scheduling and managing your social posts a breeze with the user-friendly interface.

For serious writers and marketers looking to give your social marketing campaigns a boost or grow your social following, the Zoho social platform is hard to beat.

Here’s what we’ll be discussing in this article: 

  • Features at-a-glance
  • Supported Social Media Channels
  • Extended Features and Benefits
  • Self-Help Support Options
  • Conclusion

Zoho Social Platform Features At-A-Glance  

  1. Social Media Publishing     
  2. Content Management
  3. Content Calendar
  4. Built-in-Analytics
  5. Custom Audience Targeting     
  6. Built-in Link Shortener
  7. Bulk Scheduling
  8. Repeat Posts
  9. Summary Reports
  10. Custom Reports
  11. Sentiment Analysis

*Some features are only available on the Premium plan that comes with the 15-day free trial or a paid subscription. 

Supported Social Media Channels

When you subscribe to Zoho Social you are immediately granted 15 days of free access to all of the features of the Professional Plan! The Professional Plan supports all of the features that we’re discussing here and is a great way for new users to test drive the full functionality of this marketer friendly platform.

Each individual and small business brand account has access to add up to six social profiles to their dashboard to create a brand. Agency and Enterprise brands have access to up to 20 social profiles. If you happen to manage more than one brand there is an option to create multiple brands within some plans.

Zoho Social. Product Review, @msloydwrites
Credit: Zoho Social

Facebook | LinkedIn Profile|LinkedIn Company Page|Instagram | Twitter | Google My Business 

Now that you have an idea of the basics that the Zoho Social platform has to offer, let’s dive deeper into the meat and potatoes of what this savvy scheduler has to offer by highlighting important aspects of the platform.

Zoho Social Extended Features + Benefits

100 Days Free! – Try out the Premium version that features all of the bells and whistles that the Zoho Social platform has to offer by completing reciprocal tasks like posting a product review on sites like G2 Crowd. I’ve personally used this feature myself and was rewarded with 30 days of premium scheduling from Zoho AND a 10.00 Starbucks gift card for my software review on G2 Crowd!

Dashboard – The user-friendly dashboard provides instant access to important social media statistics at a glance like follows, unfollows, mentions, audience growth, and engagement statistics. See how well your recent posts are doing by scrolling to the bottom of your dashboard for instant access.

Connections – Get to know your followers and engage with them on all of their social platforms using the built-in connections feature that provides valuable information for social media contacts and leads including active social platforms, follower counts, engagement rates, and more.

Referrals – The Zoho Social platform is a professional writer and marketers dreams with features that touch on all of the major important touchpoints and channels where you engage with your customers, followers, leads, and clients. The feature-packed platform also boasts a conversations section where you can directly engage with and respond to your audience’s comments and questions.  

Ease of Use – The absolute best feature of the Zoho Social platform is its ease of use. The most difficult part of using the software is actually entering all of your relevant social media accounts. Everything else is intuitive and visual. I’ve personally had zero issues with using the Zoho Platform.

Analytics – In-depth analytics are available for premium subscribers and free trial users that provide even more insights into your audience’s behavior and provides telling details on how and why people engage with your brand.

Cost – Zoho Social is not only one of the best social media scheduling platforms out there, but it also has plans to accommodate every budget. Zoho pricing plans range from free to enterprise and is sure to provide you with a cost-effective social media scheduling and management solution.

Zoho Social Price Plan Comparisons

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Integrations – Zoho Social integrates seamlessly with other apps including those within it’s own productivity suite. Zoho Desk, Zoho CRM

Customer Support – Not only is Zoho Social super easy to use and scalable, the platform also provides excellent options for customer support. I contacted Zoho Social support on two different occasions and received prompt e-mail responses and resolutions to my issues within 1 business day. Along with top-notch customer support, Zoho Social also offers several easy-to-understand options for self-help.

Take a look at this brief overview of the support channels that Zoho Social has to offer.

Zoho Social Self-Help Support Options

Online User Guide


Essential SMM Tips


Product Demo’s


Visit the Customer Support Portal

Special Features:

Instagram Publishing – Schedule and Publish Posts Directly to Instagram

SmartQ – Let Zoho Social Post Automatically When Your Audience is Most Active 

Audience Sentiment – Understand Your Followers Sentiment Toward Your Brand

Recent Followers – See Who Recently Followed Your Brand 

Recently Engaged  – Learn Who Engages With Your Brand The Most

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Along with the host of features and capabilities that I’ve listed here Zoho Social is one of the few social schedulers that offers direct publishing to Instagram. Yes, you read that correctly. Zoho Social allows you to create branded and scheduled posts and then publishes them directly to Instagram (without any additional hassle.)

If you know how hard it is to find a decent Instagram publisher then you also know that the direct Instagram feature alone is worth using the platform! Zoho Social packs a powerful punch with its affordable platform that offers flexible publishing at the times when your audience is most likely to be active with the patented CustomQ feature.

For business-savvy users, the ability to schedule and share posts directly to Google My Business via the Zoho Social platform is just what your campaigns need to skyrocket your marketing efforts and lead to greater exposure for your brand by getting found easier on Google.

The Verdict: Highly Recommend Zoho Social for Professional Writers + Marketers!

Ready to take grow your following and increase your social status online?

Sign Up for Your Free Trial of Zoho Social by Clicking Here! 

Happy Publishing! 

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5 Stages of the Writing Process (Every Writing Professional Should Know)

5 Stages of the Writing Process (Every Writing Professional Should Know)

By: @msloydwrites

This article outlines the 5 stages of the writing process for professional writers, business writers, and digital marketers.  Learn how the 5 stages of the writing process can help you improve the quality of your writing and how to use the stages to create compelling content that converts! 










Haven’t been lucky enough to find a free writing course online? No worries!

Take a look at some of the free resources that are available online for professional writers and marketers below.

Professional Writing Resources

Use the Writing Stages to Improve the Quality of Your Content!

This basic introduction to the 5 stages of the writing process will give you a condensed version of the important writing stages that professional writers use when creating new content. Use the 5 writing stages to improve the quality of your content both on and offline. 

Whether you are a self-taught professional just starting out or a highly trained writing professional that has been in the industry for years, all writing professionals can benefit from this quick introduction (or refresher) for these writing stages.

The following 5 writing stages apply regardless of your chosen writing style or genre.

Professional writers can make the process their own by adding or taking away components of the process until you find your own recipe.

In the meantime here are the basics to help you get started.

Introduction to The 5 Writing Stages for Professional Writers

Stage 1. Prewriting

During the Prewriting stage, you’ve been assigned to or have chosen a topic. Brainstorming begins in this stage where you begin thinking about who, what, where, how, and why in order to create your thesis statement.

A thesis statement is what sums up your writing that serves as a guide to tell your reader what the content is about. Once you’ve nailed down your thesis statement, the next stage of the writing process begins. Let’s move on to the drafting stage. 

Love this mug? You can have your own! Click the image now.

Stage 2. Drafting

During the drafting stage, you begin putting your ideas on paper in preparation for your final draft. You may have several drafts in between your first and final draft.

This stage of the writing process generally becomes shorter over time as you become familiar with the stages of the writing process. 

During stage two, you’ll be compiling your notes in order to create your first draft. (This is where the magic happens.) All of the planning and brainstorming that you’ve done during stage one has now been put to use. 

Drafting Tips from The Quick Studying Writing Guide:

  • Create a New Paragraph for Each Idea Developed While Brainstorming
  • Indent Each New Paragraph and Use Sub-Headers

Stage 3. Revising

Once you’ve completed your final draft it’s time to revise. During the revising stage, you will reorganize your content into a digestible and easy-to-follow format.

Add, move, and delete content as needed to make the reading process more enjoyable for your readers. Once you’ve revised your content and verified readability, it’s time to move on the next stage.

Stage 4. Editing

Edit by checking for spelling and grammatical errors and make changes that don’t interfere with the readability of your content. Read over your content and check for mistakes in grammar usage, spelling, sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation.

Free online grammar tools like Grammarly combine writing, editing, and proofreading features into a portable app for today’s professional writers. Digital writing aids like Grammarly, The Hemingway App, and PaperRater make writing, editing, and proofreading a breeze for today’s writers. 

Stage 5. Publishing

Now that you’ve completed the first 4 stages of the writing process, you’re ready for the final stage! It’s time to publish your content. Publishing your content is much less complicated than it sounds.

Publishing, in a nutshell, = Submitting your content for public consumption or payment by posting your content directly or via a third party.

Now that you’ve learned more about the 5 stages of the writing process, you should feel more confident than ever when preparing to write your next book, article, blog post or novel. 

The writing process applies to all professional writing types regardless of genre. Like this post? Feel free to share with other writing and marketing professionals who will find this content useful!

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