Social Media Trends for Small Business

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Why your Small Business needs social media

Are you looking for a way to grow awareness about your brand or to increase your company’s ROI?

Social Media is now a key component of business and personal communications and an integral part of business strategy.

Why is it so important that your business has a good social media presence?

Social Media is where your customers are!


Take a look at these social media stats:


At the end of 2016 Facebook boasted 1.86 billion monthly active users and is quickly closing in on the 2 billion user mark according to its fourth quarter earnings report.“Facebook’s sales for the December quarter totaled $8.8 billion, up more than 50% from the same period a year earlier. The company’s overall sales for 2016 also grew by about 50% to $27.6 billion.” Source: CNN

Over 2 million business use Facebook for advertising  annually.100 million hours of video content are watched on Facebook  daily.



As of the first quarter of 2017, Twitter the microblogging service averaged at 328 million monthly active users. At the beginning of 2016, Twitter had reached 310 MAU per quarter.  (Source: Statisa88% of businesses with more than 100 employees use Twitter for marketing purposes.

As you can see from just a small peek at the current data, these Social Media Networks are grabbing the attention of consumers in a major way! Boasting millions and in the case of Facebook, even billions. With this kind of reach available, brands should definitely be taking advantage of the current social media boom to spread the word about what they have to offer.

How do you know which network to choose for your business?

The key to finding the best Social Media Network for your small business is to do some investigation. Find where your audience spends their time. For Business to Business or B2B marketing, you will most likely find your audience on Twitter, or LinkedIn as these platforms are more geared to a business-minded audience.

For Business to Customer (B2C) Marketing, Facebook is a good platform as it has a more casual and relaxed environment and the highest number of users out of all Social Media Networking sites.

My current Social Media Network of choice is Twitter hands down.

While Twitter may not boast the highest revenues of all of the social platforms, Twitter has mastered the art of being a part of the conversation. All of them. Locally, and Worldwide. If its’ being talked about? It’s being talked about by someone on Twitter. Usually at the exact moment that it’s happening. If that doesn’t speak volumes from a Digital Marketing perspective, then I’m not sure what does. This is my personal preference. My recommendation is to “try on” more than one network to see which feels like the best fit for your particular brand.

The most important thing that you can do for your small business is to get your business active on social media, ASAP and get in the global conversation. You can connect with your customers today in a way that has never been seen before. It’s immediate, it’s amazing, and it works! 

When brands reach out to customers and let them know that their opinions matter and their input it valued, it changes the entire brand–>>customer relationship. How great do you think it would feel to have your personal favorite brand to shout out your name in front of millions and in some cases billions? What do you think something like that could do for your business?

Give your brand a face, a personality. Let your customers know what your passions are, why you started and why you would like for them to be a part of your journey. This is your opportunity to tell your brand story. Impress your customers and keep them updated and coming back for more.

If you’re ready to get your business into the conversation contact me today to get started with Ms.LoydWrites Digital Marketing Services.

Key Terms Defined:

  • MAU: Monthly Active Users
  • B2B: Business To Business
  • B2C: Business To Consumer





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