The Social Media Manager: An Overview

The role of a Social Media Manager in business is to facilitate relationships between businesses and consumers using the medium of Social Media Accounts.

A good bit of our time both personally and professionally is spent using Social Media. We use Social Media for shopping, entertainment, information, communication, and then some. The main focus of a Social Media Managers is connecting consumers to the right services in a way that is convenient and meaningful for everyone involved.

A Social Media Managers day to day focus is on Building Relationships between consumers and businesses. A part of this relationship building process is to provide valuable information and insights about the brands that they manage. Based on the information and insights that have been provided, the Social Media manager is able to assure that relevant content is shared with the appropriate audience for that brand.

Social Media Management is a fairly new Career and is rapidly growing as the need for daily management of Social Media Accounts for both businesses and consumers becomes more a part of our everyday lives. Social Media Managers are the new digital marketers for the Digital Age.

What does a Social Media Manager actually “do”, anyway?

Social Media Managers Duties:

  • Posting to relevant Social Media Platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Tracking of Social Trends and Promoting Engagement
  • Managing relevant Content related tasks and strategies
  • Provides Consulting Services regarding Marketing Strategies and Online Presence
  • Provides Social Media Audits of existing content to verify that the information being communicated is in line with the needs of the business. The Social Media Manager also provides appropriate prescriptions or recommendations that are implemented to remedy the existing Online Presence or standing if not in line with the current business goals.

The Social Media Manager is responsible for setting up and maintaining Social Media Accounts, including making recommendations for which platforms best serve the needs of the business. For example: a company focusing on Business to Business or B2B Marketing may want to concentrate their efforts on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter which appear to fare better for B2B related marketing and networking. This trend is outlined in the table below that shows the use of multiple Social Media platforms by both B2b and B2C marketers.


Social Media Platform Use B2B vs. B2C : Source: Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 2016 
  • B2C = Business To Customer Marketing
  • B2B = Business To Business Marketing

Overall, the role of a Social Media Manager is dynamic and is still being defined. The Social Media Manager wears many hats. With the current trends in automation, and additional social media management tools, the role of the Social Media manager may either become more or less complex as technology and the Social Media landscape continue to evolve.  In the meantime the Team from Kruse Control Inc. said it best:

“The Social Media Manager is a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and a passion for connecting current and future customers. That passion comes through as s/he engages with customers on a daily basis with the ultimate goal of turning fans, into customers.”

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